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Land Services

Our team is experienced in all facets of right-of-way acquisition including title research, market studies and appraisals, survey permissions, easement acquisitions, temporary workspace permits, options to purchase, damage releases, due diligence, and asset management. They have the ability to track progress throughout the entire project by mapping each phase and producing client reports. Our team is able to standardize client files and bring historic data up to today’s industry standards. Our team’s cumulative years of experience positions us to help clients overcome challenges and resolve conflicts with landowners.

Accountant Records

Regulatory Approvals

Stack of Files

Due Diligence

Surveyor Engineer

Survey Permission


Title & Curative

Signing a Contract

Market Studies & Appraisals


ROW Acquisition

  • Identifying landowners using current tax rolls. 

  • Preparing and mailing notification letters for open houses. 

  • Reviewing GIS/KMZ landowner maps to ensure all parcels and landowner information is accounted for.  

  • Providing support for open houses including securing locations and landowner interaction. 

  • Assisting landowners with protest and intervention forms. 

  • Preparing landowner indexes and mailing lists to be included in the filing.

  • Preparing and mailing notification letters for the filing.

  • Conduct easement cost analysis of all segments with the ability to show multiple route option costs based on land type, land use and other factors determined by the client.

  • Reviewing easements to determine which rights are granted. For example, easement widths, line rights, assignments, number of poles, etc.

  • Providing Due Diligence reports to clients

  • Pulling tax cards and deed information. 

  • Preparing survey permission forms. 

  • Acquiring survey permission from landowners. 

  • Document management of all agreements. 

  • Researching current ownership using tax assessor information. 

  • Performing a title search based on client requirements including 15 year, 30 year or back to patent search

  • Providing limited title certificate, corresponding deeds, easements, encroachments, taxes, and liens. 

  • Providing support to the surveyors to assist with any title related matters 

  • Working with title companies to clear liens and encumbrances 

  • Assisting title companies with payments to landowners 

  • Reviewing plats for discrepancies 

  • Providing market studies of potential areas 

  • Working with appraisers to produce appraisal reports 

  • Keeping appraisers informed of project changes by providing title work and plats 

  • Ability to provide survey services or work with designated surveyors to produce plats and other survey specific reports 

  • Preparing initial offer letters and easement documents 

  • Negotiating permanent easements and temporary construction easements 

  • Providing condemnation support including assistance with purchase and use agreements 

  • Making easement and damage payments

  • Securing payment receipts and damage releases

  • Recording easements, assignments, encroachments, etc. 

  • Providing construction notebooks 

  • Securing permits (railroad and department of transportation) 

  • Document management of all acquisition documents 

  • Providing comprehensive right of way turnover packages

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