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Construction Support

Whether Electric Transmission, Pipeline, or ROW Construction, the Legacy team has the experience and resources to provide valuable services at any project phase. The two teams within Construction Services are Field Construction Management and ROW Construction Support. These professionals who witness, actively listen, solve problems, and are safety conscience make the project successful by meeting the client’s goals and expectations. These professionals are also good stewards and leave a positive impact in the community where the project is located.

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Field Construction Management

The CSG Field Construction Management team is focused on being the client’s witness in the field assuring construction is completed to the client’s expectations. The team verifies that all construction is completed according to engineering plans, all inventory is accounted for and received at the correct locations, while keeping the project on schedule, on budget and while assuring all safety precautions are adhered to.

As construction witnesses and the owner’s representative, the following will be reported on a regular basis per the client’s requirements through field logging then uploaded to our customized database.


  • Project inventory management

  • Coordinate with Client representative and vendors to verify all project

  • Electrical

  • Witness and confirm installation of such items are true to engineering specifications and standards.

  • Adhere to national and local codes.

  • Safety Monitoring

  • Verify and monitor all safety standards are in compliance.

  • Civil

  • Verify foundation work is of top quality.

  • Environmental

  • Monitor and report Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and wildlife


ROW Construction Support

The CSG ROW Construction Support team is focused on being the liaison between the landowners and construction companies, including negotiating temporary work easements, temporary access and damage settlements. The job focus is to maximize productivity and minimize cost for the Client and stress to the landowner.   

  • Continuous communication with landowners

  • Negotiate ingress and egress points on the right of way and off the right of way.

  • Work to keep damages to a minimum.

  • Negotiate and settle any damages.

  • Witness construction of entrances and gates to meet client and landowner requirements.

  • Accompany survey crews working on the right of way.

  • Educate all project personnel on property rights.

  • Ingress and egress requirements.

  • Obstacles and obstructions.

  • Verify all personnel respect the right of way to the Client and landowners’ wishes.

  • Inspect and document all right of way related construction activity.

  • Gates

  • Culverts, either temporary or permanent.

  • Acquire all necessary permits.

  • Daily/weekly construction progress reporting via the construction tracking application and database.

  • Interactive maps will be updated daily to correspond with daily reports.

  • Negotiate property reclamation with landowners.

  • Collect damage releases from landowners at the end of the project.

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